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Room Service Energy Power, Provides
Hotel Energy Transformation increases the value of your real estate investment.

Cost Take-Out

At Room Service Energy, we can significantly reduce and even eliminate energy costs, forecasted to increase from the current 3-5% of a hotel's revenue, by lowering energy  consumption and replacing existing energy sources with cleaner and more sustainable solutions.

Revenue Growth

Our methodology helps hotels seize sustainability as a profit-center, tapping into new revenue streams from the energy infrastructure and creating services that  enhance the guest experience, generating millions of dollars over just a few years.

Increased Valuation

Room Service Energy's creative solutions to reduce energy costs and increase revenue can improve a hotel's EBITDA by US$ 1 million annually, boosting the value of a single hotel by between US$ 9 million and US$ 13 million, and even hundreds of millions for hotel portfolios.

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