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At Room Service Energy we know renovations are an ideal time to invest in sustainability, so beginning with your brand Property Improvement Plan (PIP), we work with our technology partners to ensure your renovation is more than carpet and paint 

Hotel Room


Partners specializing in furniture produced from recycled, salvaged and bio-based content work with your hotel's decorator to source indoor and outdoor furniture that offers Environmental Product Declarations with Cradle to Cradle Certification, C2C Material Health Certificates, Health Product Declarations (HPDs), Declare Labels and BIFMA LEVEL certification.

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We ensure your technology upgrade is also the most energy-efficient with our partner solutions, including smart networked thermostats to remotely manage HVAC settings, energy-efficient interior and exterior LED lighting, water-saving shower heads and toilets, plus improve insulation with window treatments, coatings and sealants, insulating paint and floor coatings.

Pot on Gas Burner


Costs associated with refreshing rooms and F&B venues can be reduced for hotels upgrading equipment that are Energy Star certified in the United States, as well as with similar programs in other countries, including in-room televisions and mini-refrigerators, commercial food equipment, and guest ice and vending machines, while other equipment, such as elevator hydraulics, can qualify for other grants and financing options.

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